The Africa Oil Week-2016 event will showcase Africa’s Governments, National Oil Companies, Licensing Agencies and corporate players shaping the continent’s future – in exploration and production/development, across new frontiers and established basins; onshore in the Rifts and offshore in the shelf and deep-water, providing one unique continental platform portraying deep insight, rich-content, strategies, acreage opportunity, farm-ins and deal flow, with extensive high-level senior executive networking for securing new venture possibilities and finance/investment opportunities.

The Conference highlights Africa’s upstream world, Independents from around the world engaged in Africa, the expanding Africa-wide gas-LNG and energy game, emerging unconventional ventures in shale and diverse hydrocarbons, the fast-growing class of “Born in Africa” companies, Africa’s state oil firms and foreign national oil companies, leading exploration technologies, geoscience/technical ideas, local content policies and players, plus Young Professionals in Africa, with debate and discourse on Africa’s oil and gas future – these elements together now shaping Africa’s vast hydrocarbon game, and with the service and supply industry deploying state-of-art E&P technologies to build the future for the oil/gas/energy industries from Cape-to-Cairo.


Event Time & Date: 31/10/2016 – 04/11/2016

Venue details : Cape Town International Convention Centre | Convention Square, 1 Lower Long St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa 

Organiser: Global Pacific & Partners – ITE Group | |+27118807052

Event website: 23rd Africa Oil Week 2016

Event cost: £3495