“Bangles” tells the impactful story of Theresa, a young British born Nigerian film maker, still haunted by memories of her abusive, now deceased father.
Despite her best efforts, she is unable to convey the depth of her pain to her stern mother Gbemi and her cocky, confident brother, David. However, as her family attempts to approach her father’s memorial with a veneer of normalcy and familial tensions arise, Theresa and her family are compelled to confront a devastating past in a way which changes their lives forever.

Exploring timeless themes of reality, perception,  abuse and restoration and combining powerful live theatre with searing, unusual film footage, “Bangles” is an immersive and unique multimedia production. Theresa uses the mediums of film and poetry to cope with painful memories and express her inner turmoil, to poignant effect.

Event Date: 30/08/2016 – 03/09/2016

Venue details: Stratford Circus Arts Centre | Theatre Square Stratford | London E15 1BX

Organiser: Stratford Circus Arts Centre | info@stratford-circus.com | 020 8279 1080

Event website:  Bangles 

Event cost: £15