Bridged Narratives focuses on the stories from Africa, its diaspora, looking at the world from a different angle with different experiences across the various world communities. Some narratives are left unexplored and Bridged Narratives aims at exposing the different realities but most importantly showcasing the possibility of the numerous points of view from the photographers from Africa or African descent.

Bridged Narratives Exhibition is the first exhibition in AfroShoot series, featuring the works by Alun Be (Senegal), Logo Oluwamuyiwa (Nigeria), David Kwaw Mensah (Ghana / UK), Lisa Aissaoui (Algeria / France), Tiffany Kamagate (Ivory Coast / Italy) with various stories from Africa, and its Diaspora aiming at showing the global vision of the entagled narratives that AfroShoot wishes to highlight.

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AfroShoot is an innovative platform with the mission to celebrate the work of photographers from Africa and African descent through synergy in order to push forward an Afrikan vision of the world through the lens to the mainstream. AfroShoot aims at sharing those experiences & connecting Africa communities worldwide through a variety of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, networking events and more to come.

Much of the photography of Africa, that is highlighted or given a platform is the work of Western photographers. The platform aims to move away from a Western lens and a Eurocentric focus to highlight photography from within Africa and the African diaspora. This will allow a different perspective, vision and narrative of Africa to be represented through photography by Africans and the African diaspora.

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Event Time & Date: 13/08/2016 – 27/08/2016

Venue details : 50 Golborne Gallery | 50 Golborne Road | London, W10 5PR

Organiser: Afro Shoot |

Event website: Bridged Narratives 

Event cost: Free