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We love hearing about successful women in business;
BBC Africa spoke to upcoming food entrepreneur Affiong Williams who seeks to meet the demand for healthy treats in Nigeria. In response, she founded Reel Fruit selling snack packs of dried fruit and nuts.

Williams tenaciously founded the company in 2012, investing how her own savings as well as winning a 5000 euro grant from a Women in Business competition in the Netherlands.

Williams envisions broadly developing the company over the next 5 years.

I have strong convictions about how efficient and hardworking women are in business and managerial positions and I would like to encourage that”

She believes the agriculture sector has huge untapped potential both in wealth and job creation and wants to show that her products are good enough to be sold anywhere in the world.

Watch her inspiring interview here.

Meanwhile, it’s been a good month for fashion according to designer Natacha Baco.

She says “African fashion is opening up to the world” in an interview with True Africa.

Natacha Baco started her label By Natacha Baco which can be recognised by it’s trademark shapes and her use of electric colours. She pays attention to the aesthetics of  fashion photography, adorning models with unique designs whilst contrasting them against complimentary backgrounds.

The designer had a lot to say, sharing her perspective on African fashion in the heart of France.

“The French general public and fashion industry are very cautious with regard to African fashion. It is quite stigmatised but this is starting to change. As a black woman living in France, I always question myself about this because fashion is universal and shouldn’t have barriers. Over the last two or three years, there has been a real change

Baco’s fashion collection can be viewed on her Instagram.

Read more from the interview here.

At WOA, we are big fans of Trevor Noah, and are excited to hear about he has a book in the works!

Publisher Spiegel & Grau stated they it had acquired a collection of personal essays by Noah about growing up in South Africa. The book is currently untitled and will come out in November.

Noah, who grew up as a child of an illegal mixed-race relationship under apartheid  in the township of Soweto said “I couldn’t find a good book about myself, so I decided to write one,” Noah said in a statement. “And just like me, this book doesn’t have an appendix.” Comments refer to Noah undergoing an emergency appendectomy last year.

We look forward to it!

Noah can be seen on The Daily Show, airing Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

Take a look at the clip below, to get a taste of Noah’s infectious humour.