Loyiso Gola has been called “a genuine thinker masquerading as a fool, and the voice of a cynical generation by Men’s Health South Africa – and he’s a big deal on home turf in South Africa.  He hosts the two time international Emmy-nominated political satire Late News with Loyiso Gola, with over a million viewers. Now comedian he is bringing his blend of slick, engaging observational comedy to the UK.  His show ‘Tall Tales’ at London’s Soho Theatre is billed as a refreshingly taboo-breaking show which draws on his experiences growing up in South Africa, attending a multi-racial school, and his first encounter with a tuna sandwich. What’s On Africa had a quick chat with him ahead of his show, which starts this November. He says he’s excited to perform in London, but wonders why  the hell London has so few fire exits…. 

WOA: You must be excited to be performing in London. What are you looking forward to the most?

Loyiso Gola: Well I can tell what I am not excited about and that is the weather. I think the what excites me is playing to a new and usually cynical British audience. The audience in Britain heckles a lot which I hate. Some acts thrive off that.  I look forward to sharing my story with the world.

WOA: Are there any particular sights you want to see or things you want to do? We hear you are an Arsenal fan!

Loyiso Gola: For a place that has burnt down twice you would expect way more fire exits. Fire exits would be a tourist attraction if Johannesburg burnt down twice. When I am in London I just dig meeting people from all over the world. Arsenal is the abusive uncle who you love sooooo…. let’s not discuss them at the moment.

WOA: Who are your favourite UK comedians & how have they influenced you?

Loyiso Gola: I like Micheal McIntyre, Daniel Kitson , Ross Noble, Kevin Bridges. I like them for different reasons.

WOA: You’ve performed at some really huge venues in your home town & around the world. What’s been the most nerve wracking?

Loyiso Gola: I get nervous when I am about to record a ‘special’, DVD or any stand-up comedy that is for TV .

WOA: You present your own satirical news show in South Africa & regularly feature on one in Australia – would you say you’re a satirist & do you prefer TV to live performing?

Loyiso Gola: All comics are satirist to an extent. By default most of the time or should I say unconsciously.  I would not say I am a satirist if you ask what I do for a living. It’s been a title imposed on me fitting as it may it’s an default title.

 Loyiso Gola’s ‘Tall Tales’ runs at Soho Theatre, London from 17th November – 21st November.