Event Date and time: Tuesday 13th June – Sunday 10th September – 2017 

Venue details: South Lecture Room | Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DZ

Organisers: Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Event website: The Longing of Belonging 

Event cost: Free

Photographs of Zionist Christians in contemporary South Africa, by Sabelo Mlangeni

This exhibition of photographs by the South African photographer, Sabelo Mlangeni, portrays Zionist Christians in contemporary South Africa. Zionism (unrelated to Jewish Zionism) is the country’s largest popular religious movement  – approximately 30% of all South Africans are members of a Zionist church.

While Mlangeni has photographed Zionists since 1997, the idea of an exhibition dedicated to the topic crystallized during the course of his conversations throughout 2016 with Joel Cabrita, an academic at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity who is researching the history of Zionism in South Africa.


Mlangeni is himself a member of a Zionist church and his own trace in these intimate, personal portraits of church members is subtly felt. Boundaries between observer and subject are continually erased and broken down. Mlangeni is portraying his own belief as much as he is exploring the spiritual commitments of his photographic subjects.

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