Dance Matik Workshop

EXPERIMENT AFRICAN DANCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Don't only learn steps, educate yourself and put your dancing to another level! Discover African dances from th...
fuse odg


Viral dance move purveyor Fuse ODG combines Afro-beat sounds with melodic rap and hip-hop. British-Ghanaian rapper Fuse ODG made his name in the London rap sce...

This Other Island

This Other Island is a re-working of Aime Cesaire’s seminal anti-colonialist version of the Tempest, it weaves a tale of a fantasy land of poetry and dance n...

Songlines Encounters Festival: Afriquoi

Afriquoi are a great African-electro dance band with live vocals, Gambian kora, Congolese guitar, percussion and electronics drawing on dubstep, house and hip h...
dance sale

Dance for Sale

Dance for Sale plays at the interstices between public and private spaces, between the logics of the state and that of the market. Where is dance located? Who d...

GALA 40 Years of Mozambique Independence

A PortCaiaFestivals production for the High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique in the UK featuring Mingas Benvindo Jose Tavares Fonseca,Maiuko Fi Moreira ...

African Summer @ Horniman Museum: Africa Dance!

ABOUT THIS EVENT Join us for a day of music and dance performances celebrating the diversity of styles rooted from the African Diaspora. From traditional Afric...
bongo man


Still hugely popular today, Kanda Bongo Man comes to London from his new base of South Africa to tour with his incredible 8-piece band. This is the ultimate in ‘feel-good’ dance music and a highlight to any programme.

Carmen de Lavallade & Garth Fagan Dance

Garth Fagan’s ever-evolving dance language draws on the weight of modern dance, the speed and precision of ballet, the energy of Afro-Caribbean dance, and the r...