Part II: Salt and Pepper: The Rise of the Mixed-Race African Songstress

Music is in many ways an exploration of who we are. In recent times, more and more singers of mixed parentage have emerged out of Africa and Europe, adding new flavors to the world music scene.

With images of migrants perishing at sea or washed up on European shores dominating our screens over the past few weeks, it is increasingly more urgent to look beyond the headlines and look at the lives and realities of migration, Diaspora and mixed identities. 

In the second of a three-part series, journalist Maimouna Jallow embarks on a journey of new encounters and celebration through some of Africa’s most talented songstresses. In this second instalment of this series on race and identity in African music, singer Aline Frazao talks about her concerns and hopes for her country Angola, and belonging to Luanda’s new urban culture.