Stories of our Lives; another amazing feature at Film Africa 2015 brought to you by the Royal African Society. If you don’t know about Film Africa, this month is the perfect time to familiarise yourself. It is the Royal African Society’s annual London film festival, celebrating the best African cinema from across the continent and diaspora. The 2015 festival kicks off in venues across London from 30th October to 8th November.

A creation from the Nest Collective, Stories of our Lives compellingly defies discrimination and homophobia.

“Stories of our lives was began in June 30, 2013. We started collecting and archiving the stories of persons identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex from Kenya. We called this project “Stories of Our Lives”. We wanted to tell stories that are not often heard, stories that characterize the queer experience in Kenya. After several months of touring and collecting hundreds of vivid, compelling stories, we decided to turn some of these stories into short films.”

Read more about the award winning anthology film here .

Director: Jim Chuchu

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