DSC05243People of the City’ is What’s On Africa’s version of the Proust questionnaire. We ask exciting people across the city a series of questions. They can answer as seriously or as flippantly as they like. Expect by the end, to have a slightly more personal connection with interesting personalities doing innovative things.

This week, WOA connected with Emmavie, the British born Nigerian, producer and singer song writer based in London. Having performed at established venues such the Jazz Cafe, Koko and more, Emmavie boasts a strong archive of unique music, gaining a dedicated fan base through her distinctive sound and vocals. She often performs with an energetic live band and has worked with a number of artists including Ego Ella May, Barney Artist and Alfa Mist (releasing the joint EP Epoch in 2013). She is known for producing for many up and coming British artists as well as her own individual projects and aims to connect with BME artists in particular for the purposes of self development. She recently performed at Koko alongside popular music platform Soulection and accompanied Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger on his visit to London.

We caught up with with this talented individual to ask a few questions!

How did you get here?

Before here, I resided in heaven. God whispered my purpose into my ear before puckering his lips and blowing me off of my cloud. It was a gentle landing. I found shelter in the womb of a strong, Nigerian woman. I exited the comfort of that home sometime shortly after and embarked on a journey to fulfil my destiny. Of course, I completely forgot what God had said. I grew up and I tried a few things. Music stuck.

Are you stressed? 

Constantly and about everything but equally, never.

If not yourself, who would you be?

Michael Jackson. Too easy.

Which living person do you most admire?

If I could squeeze my family and friends into one person, it’d be them.

Which place do you call home – and why?

My mum’s house because no matter how far I go and the amazing places this life takes me, I always end up back here. There’s always rice here.

What is a typical day in your life like?

I don’t have a typical day. Every day is different by choice. I’ve learnt to accept that I don’t like predictability and I can’t stick to plans or routines. It’s common that I’d either be creating music, recording someone fantastic or performing with my live band.

What’s the worst piece of advice anyone’s ever given you? 

Prepare for failure, just in case. That was energy I could have been using better.

Which film character do you most identify with?

Forrest Gump.

 Name one book you think everyone should read?

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. I’ve not gotten around to reading it myself but a close friend gave it to me on our second meeting and promised it would change my life.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

*Describes a version of heaven on Earth where everybody everywhere is doing what they love only because they love it*

What quality do you loathe in other people?


 What quality do you most admire in other people?


Emmavie is a singer/songwriter and producer from London. She is somewhere at the beginning of a journey with unlimited destinations.

You can reach her @Emmaviesfx and listen to her Soundcloud 

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