Event Date and time: 19 May – 20 May 2017  

Venue details: Oxford University | Oxford OX1 3PA

Organisers: The Oxford University Africa Society | Oxford Africa Conference 

Event website: Oxford Africa Conference 

Event cost: Free

Africa, today, is at a critical juncture. As political earthquakes hit Europe and North America, Africa has the opportunity to directly adopt the newest technologies, skills and tools to navigate in these unchartered waters of global uncertainty in order to readjust to the challenges of the 21st century. Climate change, digitization and migration provide major challenges, but also present a real opportunity for African entrepreneurship and sustainable investment to take advantage of this fast-changing environment.

Africa can excel not just in spite of, but because of its past challenges. The 2017 Oxford Africa Conference questions the lens through which the continent has been viewed by providing a platform to redefine Africa’s geopolitical, economic and cultural identity in the 21st century.

High profile speakers from the political arena, experts with cutting edge approaches to development, and talented African artists will come together for a conference that will truly reframe and redefine leadership, entrepreneurship and overall success, on African terms. With diversity, a wealth of experiences, and the determination to shape its own future, Africa is breaking the frame.


Thematic sections

Global Shifts – The world today undergoes a dramatic series of paradigm shifts. China races to claim its place as the world’s greatest economy, climate change emerges as an acutely grave threat, and populism and anti-globalization sweeps the West. What is Africa’s role in this structural shift? What opportunities can be leveraged? Global shifts takes a geopolitical and macro lens to look at how Africa can carve out a leading role in energy and sustainable infrastructure, while facing  global challenges such as migration and climate change.

Tech, Infrastructure, & Entrepreneurship – While there are great expectations for Africa in the 21st century, and significant work already under way, a crucial aspect will lie with the specific techniques and technologies African countries adopt, develop and deploy. This sub-section will look at the specific means with which African countries will seek to revolutionize their interconnectivity, incorporate urban innovations, and deepen infrastructural capacities with the highest standards of conservation.

Society and Culture – The frameworks ascribed to Africa will not be broken with bridges, telecommunications and solar panels alone. Critical to Africa carving its own path are the sociological and identity-based conversations about how we see ourselves in respect to each other and the world. What futures will we imagine? Can we expand African identity beyond geography and create solidarity with the panoply of African diasporas across the world. How will we tell our own story?

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