Event Date and time: Thursday 22nd June 2017 | 08:00 – 19:00 

Venue details: Jumeirah Carlton Tower | 1 Cadogan Pl, Belgravia | London SW1X 9PY

Organisers: The Economist

Event website: Nigeria Summit 2017

Event cost: You can find price details here.

Navigating growth in uncertain times

Will Nigeria become a top 20 economy by 2030, as many prominent economists predict it could?  The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has made much progress in equipping and inspiring the army to take forward the fight against Boko Haram. It has also brought new energy in the struggle against corruption. But is he pursuing the right economic policies for Nigeria?

The country has faced a prolonged fall in the price of oil, the main source of its export earnings and government revenue. The central bank’s decision in June 2016 to scrap the naira’s peg against the US dollar saw the currency fall sharply, but there are still persistent shortages of foreign exchange.

Against this backdrop, how can Nigeria navigate these complex policy challenges successfully to ensure an economic revival? How can businesses ride out the current slump, mitigate the risks and impact on the bottom line? What are the consequences for regional cooperation and what, if anything, can foreign investors do to help? What do these new circumstances mean for foreign investors engaged in ongoing or planned projects in Nigeria, and where do the key opportunities lie? How can the government deliver on its bold promises- from increasing ease of doing business to making it easier for firms to raise capital—to improve the climate for foreign investment?

With this in mind, The Economist Events’ 2017 Nigeria Summit will be held in London for the first time to highlight Nigeria’s economic opportunity to an international audience comprised of policymakers, business leaders, academics and finance professionals to debate what must happen now for Nigeria to overcome its challenges, mitigate the risk in a downturn, and ensure its lofty hopes for future prosperity are met.

Chaired by Jonathan Rosenthal, The Economist’s Africa editor, the summit seeks to encourage an intelligent, stimulating discussion of Nigeria’s social, political and economic future.

Join the conversation: #NigeriaSummit.

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