Event Date and time: 12th January – 10th February

Venue details: Stephen Lawrence Gallery10 Stockwell St, London SE10 9BD

Organisers: Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Event website: My Granddad’s Car 

Event cost: Free

My Granddad's Car

My Granddad’s Car is the culmination of an on-going project between Sayed Hasan and Karl Ohiri, exploring notions of migration and heritage, as seen through their relationships with two cars inherited from their respective late grandfathers in Pakistan and Nigeria. Having previously failed to separately transport the vehicles home to the UK, facing bureaucracy and corruption; a shift in circumstances inspired the artists to once again attempt to unite their Granddad’s cars. The challenges they faced on their journeys have become a snapshot of those undertaken by their families and more universal migrant experiences across the globe.

This exhibition presents photography, film and sculpture gathered and created while the artists travelled together in their ancestral homelands.



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