Event Date and time: Saturday 12th August, 2017 | 19:00 – 21:30 

Venue details: London Cooking Project | 1 Ethelburga Street, London, SW11 4AG

Organisers: Jasons’s Little Kitchen

Event website: Jasons’s Little Kitchen Supper Club 

Event cost: £37.50

Creating meals inspired from his mums cooking, Jason Obeng recreated Ghanaian dishes with a modern touch using organic British produce obtained from local farmers market for his supper club. Fans of Ghanaian cuisine will recognize familiar dishes such as jollof rice with chicken or groundnut soup but that’s where the similarity ends.

Jason’s supper club menu promises traditional Ghanaian cuisine with a modern touch, while incorporating non-traditional Ghanaian ingredients with modern cooking techniques, brought up to date for an eclectic London audience who have a hunger for new tastes and experiences.

Diners can expect and array of flavours that will take their taste buds on a journey into Ghanaian cuisine. The menu will consist of ‘The Wild Summer Salad’, ‘Jollof Rice & Chicken’ & AVOmango Sorbet with Watermelon.

The wild summer salad is a sweet salad comprised of some of the best in season ingredients which consist of micro red amaranth, strawberries, peaches which have been slowly poached in a lovely basil syrup, red onion & cherry tomatoes, which is topped off with a well known west African pepper called Melegueta pepper. This salad is Jason’s own twist on the country favourite Ghana salad but is remixed to comply with the summer seasonal ingredients.

The Jollof rice is moist and intensely tomatoey because the tomatoes are cooked first with onion, red and yellow peppers and then the basmati rice is added to the tomatoes to cook gently without absorbing all off the tomatoes.

The chicken portions are seasoned with Madagascan Wild Pepper, an array of herbs and spices and lemon. It is then cooked on the grill pan giving them a melt in the mouth intensity.

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy a trio of fruit consisting of two sorbets one avocado and the other mango and then fresh cuts of watermelon with all the colours of the fruits representing the Ghanaian flag.



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