How to List

To add a listing to What’s On Africa

The go to person for listings is our Social Media and Listings editor: Abel Kemal Endashaw. Please send him an email at:

Listing Information Page

What’s On Africa welcomes all relevant event listings in the Development and Politics, Culture and Business categories.

We aim to update all listings by end of day Wednesday of every week – but ideally events should be send at least two weeks prior to the event to date to ensure the listing spends an adequate amount of time on the site – and we have sometime to  review and publish it.

Before submitting, check your event against these requirements:

Ensure event date, time and location are accurate

Include a good quality photo for your event [800 x 650 pixels]

Include contact details for example an email address or event website

You can contact us with queries to:

After submitting your listing:

Once you’ve send the listing – we check it and publish it ASAP. We reserve the right to decline or withdrawn publication.

 note, What’s On Africa and the Royal African Society take no responsibility for the events listed on the What’s On Africa site – all listings on the site are for informational purposes only.

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