The makers of Bino and Fino want to help tackle Brazil’s problems with representing the diversity of the country’s population; outside of Africa, Brazil has the largest black population of anywhere else in the world, but there’s very little representation of Afro-Brazillian kids or their culture.

Arguably, say the makers of the award-winning cartoon “those that suffer the most from the media’s neglect in representation are Brazil’s children. Most children in Brazil know little about their African heritage, African culture, history and the positive impact it has had in Brazil and the world. They are not taught about this in schools, in the books they read or the TV shows they watch.”
To help counteract this problem they want your help to produce a Brazilian Portuguese version of our popular educational African cartoon show, Bino and Fino and make it available to view in Brazil and around the world for children to watch. We like this campaign and hope you do too – if you want to support, you can donate via their indiegogo page, and learn more there too!