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Nahla Magazine Charity Fundraiser

November 6, 2015

| Free

Nahla Magazine will be hosting a debate, and auction night in order to raise money for three orphanages situated in Congo, Kinshasa:

1) Jeunes au soleil (Masina, Kinshasa)
2) Matumaini (Limete, Kinshasa)
3) INOAF (L’Institut de l’Offrande Africaine) (Limete, Kinshasa)

As well as the Maskia Centre in Kivu.

The team recently returned from a trip to Kinshasa and were deeply affected by some of the conditions, as well as the lack of basic resources encountered in some of the organisations we visited.
As a result, the team is determined to support these children and their education, in anyway possible.

The money raised on the night will be used to do the following work:

1) NOAF (L’Institut de l’Offrande Africaine), has just three rooms, one where 17 children stay, the second for young mothers and their newborns, and the last a maternity suite. An extension was started, but hasn’t been completed due to a lack of funds. We aim to fund the completion of this extension, as well as making the orphanage more homely with wall stickers and murals.

2) The Matumaini orphanage requires DVDs, stationary and notepads, which we aim to provide for them.

3) The children at the Jeunes au soleil orphanage require clothing, toiletries, stationary, board games, toys as well as the painting of murals on the walls to make the place more homely and fun for them.

4) Donate money to the Masika Centre in Kivu.

The night is will have two set discussion topics, and one which will be picked on the night. As well as performance intervals and perhaps some stalls.

The two topics we have chosen are as follows;
1) Africa: The 4 W’s Where, What, Why & When did it go wrong. Also how can the diaspora contribute to healing Africa?
2) Supporting Black entrepreneurship. How can we keep the pound in the black community?  What can be done to encourage more Afro-Caribbean’s in the UK to go into and stay in business?

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November 6, 2015
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