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Another World is Possible, Lets Build It – A Kilombo UK Conference

January 23, 2016

| Free

Kilombo UK an outpost of The Kilombo Centre for Citizen Rights and Conflict Resolution. Kilombo is an education and research project to advance the cause of African Self-Determination, Pan-Africanism and Social Justice.

Kilombo does research and educational work to explain and find out more about the events of history that have contributed to the marginalisation of the African continent and peoples of African descent politically and economically. It also provides leading analysis of how the historical process and subsequent structures are responsible for a crisis in Africa.

Our key areas of work is Democracy, Resistance and Networking

The draft programme includes topics such as

  • ”How do we avoid a situation like the foreign sponsored chaos in Libya? How do we prevent the loss of leaders like Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Sankara, Maurice Bishop, Walter Rodney, Muammar Gadaffi?- Opposing Intervention and the War on Terror. 
  • Learning from Walter Rodney (How Europe underdeveloped Africa) and Eric Williams (Capitalism and Slavery) – breaking the chains of the IMF and Foreign Aid in Africa
  • BlackLivesMatter: From Angola, to Nigeria and America
  • Africa, Africans and Social Justice – Report back from Kilombo’s 3rd International Conference in Peki, Ghana 
  • Art and Culture – resisting the erasure of African culture & using poetry as a voice of resistance
  • Ghana Street Parliament – organising grassroots democracy.

The programme will be a mix of keynote speeches, workshops and plenaries.

To attend please register.