Art Exhibition in aid of Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Livingstone Tanzania Trust are exhibiting Emily Kirby’s Tanzania Collection from the 7th to 11th June 2016 at the Menier Gallery.

Emily is an award-winning Zambian born artist, known for her vibrant use of colour and vivid portraiture. This bespoke collection of 30 paintings was inspired by Emily’s visit to Babati with the Livingstone Tanzania Trust in October 2015. During her visit Emily held workshops with local students with a keen interest in art, and some of the pieces created during these workshops will be also be on show at the exhibition.

Emily Kirby was born into a family of artists in Zambia in the early eighties. Although young when she moved to the UK these roots have always had a deep impact on her painting. Emily now regularly returns to travel, paint and exhibit in Africa. Emily’s Tanzania Collection was inspired by a visit to Babati, Tanzania with the award winning community development charity Livingstone Tanzania Trust. The rawness of the place and the vibrancy of the people is captured in this beautiful collection.

Madam-by-Emily-Kirby--531x700                                                   Charmed-Mysteries-by-Emily-Kirby-583x700

All the artwork will be on sale and 50% of sales will be donated to support our work in Tanzania. The Livingstone Tanzania Trust is a grass roots self-help charity that supports community and education focussed projects which tackle the daily hardships and hurdles that perpetuate poverty.

Event Date: 7/06/2016 – 11/06/2016

Venue details: Menier Gallery |51 Southwark Street | London SE1 1RU

Organiser: The Livingstone Tanzania Trust |  020 3289 8921

Event website: The Emily Kirby Tanzania Collection

Event cost: Free