Event Date and time: Thursday 23 March, 2017 | 19:00 – 21:30

Venue details: Queen Mary University of London, Peston Lecture Theatre | Mile End Road | London E1 4NS

Organisers: Multilingual Capital, Queen Mary University of London

Event website: Bringing Together Worlds Apart: Multilingualism in London and Agnack

Event cost: Free

This free Multilingual Capital event will involve a screening of the critically acclaimed film: Kanraxël.

Agnack is a place where both rivers and people converge in the most stunning of ways – a place where it is considered perfectly normal to speak a minimum of six languages. For the first time in history the people of Agnack – the Baïnounk people – allowed cameras to film as they prepare for an unforgettable event and capture the mystery surrounding their rituals. The Baïnounk culture is more threatened now than at any point in its long history due to abrupt changes brought by colonisation, conflict, globalisation and migration.

Anna Sowa, producer of Kanraxël for Chouette Films, and Professor Friederike Lüpke, who leads the research team behind Kanraxël, will talk about the making of the film, and research findings which have arisen alongside the film. The event will be introduced by a short talk by Dr Esther de Leeuw, who leads Multilingual Capital with Professor Devyani Sharma, and multilingual landscapes of East London will be presented in relation to Agnack.



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