Event Date and time: Saturday 10th June, 2017 |12:00 – 13:00

Venue details: The Cambridge Union | 9A Bridge Street | Cambridge CB2 1UB

Organisers: African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU)

Event website: Africa and a World in Transition: Development, Governance and the Rule of Law

Event cost: £10-£50

Africa and a World in Transition

The ‘Africa Together’ theme for 2017 is Africa and a World in Transition: Development, Governance and the Rule of Law.

The momentous events on the global stage since 2016 make amply clear that the world is not only changing faster than ever before, but that it may be on the cusp of a significant reconfiguration of the geo-political, economic, educational, environmental, cultural and media chips. Whether one looks at the migration crises, “Rhodes Must Fall” and similar campaigns in tertiary education, Brexit, ‘Trumpism’, challenges to democratic transition most recently in The Gambia, the African Union’s own identity crisis, and climate change affecting agriculture and livelihoods, the winds of change are upon us. Africa is not isolated from the stream of this epochal transition. It is our belief, as many others have recognised, that the current state of affairs represent both a challenge and opportunity for the continent as it seeks to redefine and reposition itself in constructive and proactive response. Our conference will systematically analyse how various institutions and individuals are devising solutions to the challenges on the continent in a creative and sustainable manner, driven by a commitment to make Africa a keyplayer in global affairs. The conference will bring together distinguished speakers representing the diversity of the African continent, from policymakers and international law specialists, educators, trade specialists, businesspeople, renown academics and other professionals, constructing and deconstructing narratives about our individual and collective lived experiences.

Join the conversation: #CamAfricaDay

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