Many will say food is purely for sustenance. We eat for energy so that we can keep going throughout the day. Yet, being the food lover I am, food is not just for energy, it is to be cooked with love and then ingested with absolute enjoyment. These 8 African bloggers and chefs will confirm just that. From updating classic African recipes to creating amazing contemporary dishes that simply hits the spot, these guys will make you want to get cooking in your own kitchen

Thelma Egbe- ThelmzKitchen

Talking about African cuisine, Thelma Egbe is a culinary expert. Thelma was born and raised in Nigeria, but moved to the UK and is now based there, She developed her skills at a young age when she would help her mum and aunt in the kitchen. Though this cut into her playtime, Thelma created her own fun by pretending to cook live on T.V (a dream she still hopes to make a reality). Her dad has also played a huge part in her cooking, as he taught her many of the recipes she now features in her namesake blog, Thelmz Kitchen. What you will find there are innovative and exciting recipes such as Stuffed Plantain Boats as well as how to make Nigerian classics such as Egusi Soup and Moi Moi. If you’re looking for inspiration check out her recipe on how to make gourmet Indomie – instant noodles have never looked more delicious!

Twitter: @ThelmzKitchen

Instagram: @thelmzkitchen

Lohi Busari- LohiCreates

Business woman, head chef (of TWO restaurants) in Toronto, Canada and food blogger, Lohi Busari is a woman that knows her stuff. She is all about having fun with food, but ensuring that it is as healthy and nutritious as possible (not an easy feat with carb filled African cooking!) Alongside delicious recipes such as how to make Banga Rice and Chicken Suya, Lohi offers tips and advice on how we can make life as efficient and glamorous as possible. You will find nifty ways to keep your pantry cleaned and organised as well as fabulous ideas on how to bring a dinner set to life.

Twitter: @Lohicreates

Instagram: @lohicreates

Eden Hagos – Black Foodie


Founder, Eden Hagos, born and raised in Canada to a family of East African food entrepreneurs, has always believed in celebrating flavor and the cultures that they come from. So her brainchild, Black Foodie, aims to showcase food through the lens of the black community and puts a spotlight on the very best of restaurants, events and recipes specialising in Afro-Caribbean and Southern cuisines. What makes this blog so cool is the endless amount of knowledge to be gained from an array of cultures. You’ll find yourself learning about the heart of Sudanese cuisine to the soul of Haitian dining.

Not sure where to start? Check out Black Foodie’s cheat sheet on ingredients we should all know about:

Twitter: @BlackFoodie


Temidayo Abdullahi – TemiTy’sKitchen 


Many of us turn to stuffing our faces when stressed, but not Temi. He was in his final year of university studying Accounting & Finance and the pressure was getting to him, but what kept him sane was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Realising that this was a God given talent he could develop, he created TemiTy’s Kitchen. He offers a personal chef service delivering Afro-Caribbean cuisines and healthy meal options (vegans and vegetarians included). What’s more, he will come to any location of your choice around London, U.K making his service perfect for those with busy schedules. Check out his Instagram where you can see Temi in action, cooking succulent Jerk Chicken and the staple in many an African diet – the mighty Jollof Rice.

Twitter: @TemiTysKitchen

Instagram: @temityskitchen

Ozoz Sokoh- Kitchen Butterfly


Based in Nigeria, Ozoz is not just passionate about cooking, she uses food as a way to explore the social, cultural and economic practices of how food is consumed around the world. It all began when she went to a festival in Edinburgh with her family at 9 years old. Not much of an eater at the time, she found herself so hungry on that day, that she gorged on everything in sight. It was at this point she fell in love with food and her blog is an ode to all the wondrous things she has come to learn. From this Ozoz created her ‘New Nigerian Kitchen’ philosophy where she celebrates Nigerian cuisine from inception to execution. Check out her amazing TEDx talk, where Ozoz explains how her philosophy has changed the way she sees food.

Twitter: @Kitchnbutterfly

Instagram: @kitchenbutterfly

Mo – The Gentle Chef

Tired of eating the rice and stew at home and relying on home cooked meals, Mo started experimenting with seasoning and eventually taught himself how to cook. Admitting he has made quite a few mistakes in the kitchen to eventually perfecting his craft, this chef has a lot to offer. His Twitter feed is full of Mo making steaming Cajun Chicken and BBQ Lamb chops with plantain, having you wish that his dishes were right in front of you. Not to fear, Mo is open to requests and has found popularity with his offers and convenient delivery service around London, U.K. Take a look at his tantalizing social media feeds here:

Twitter: @Moz_50

Instagram: @moz_50

Ronke Edoho – 9ja Foodie

Ronke Edoho’s blog, 9ja Foodie, has one simple aim – to make traditional, and sometimes complex, African recipes more accessible and easy to understand. Based in Nigeria, she is also a certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss specialist and teaches her readers how to eat healthily and to be wholesome cooks. Not only that, her amazing ‘Make It Yourself’ videos helps out the most clueless of cooks, showing step by step how to make foods such as Plantain chips and tantalising Nigerian donuts – Puff Puff. Check out her Instagram for diet and healthy eating tips, as well as clients who she has successfully helped lose weight.

Twitter: @9jafoodie

Instagram: @9jafoodie

Minjiba Cookey – OmNomLagos


Developing a fascination for food as a child, Minjiba, always found herself in the kitchen watching the grownups cook. She became excited about anything to do with food, including cooking or what she would have for her next meal. Her blog, OmNomLagos, is a diary of all the adventures she has experienced as a result of her love for food and a glimpse into the life a ‘diasporan’ making the move back home. Find out how to satisfy your every craving from London to Lagos with restaurant reviews and delicious recipes.

Instagram: @minjibacookey

(This piece has been amended, previously it read Thelma Egbe was born in the UK. This has been corrected toThelma was born and raised in Nigeria, but moved to the UK and is now based there) 

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