Opening your own business is no easy feat, it takes a lot of guts, confidence and a sound strategy. Yet, even with all of that, many businesses find it hard to get off the ground. But, all is not lost with the recent surge of black owned businesses and entrepreneurs, who are fighting against added obstacles of racism and discrimination to empower people all around the world. Here, What’s On Africa contributor, Aseosa Uwagboe recommends 5 black businesses you should know about who are taking the business world by storm.

Chuku’s London
Drawing from the social dining experiences of both Nigeria and Spain, Chukus serves inspired Nigerian tapas. Basing their menu on their favourite Nigerian delicacies, one can enjoy their interesting take on food such as chinchin cheesecake and jellof quinoa in a relaxed atmosphere. Chuku’s often change their residences, so they have a range of pop-ups in restaurants and cafes all around London. Stay tuned for their next event which is featured on their blog here:  @chukusLDN

While building on their negative experiences of using the infamous AirBnB platform to find accommodation during a trip, NoirBnB was born out of the discrimination that many black travellers face abroad. Using their skills and experiences, founders Stefan Grant and Ronnia Cherry, created NoirBnB to help members of the black community and people of colour to find safe and secure accommodation abroad. They also aim to connect the African diaspora in each corner of the world. Say hello to the Future of Black Travel! Join up and join in here:  @Noirbnb

Recovr is an organisation that aims to make mental healthcare services available to young black adults through connecting them to black therapists. This is important as studies have shown that, among black people mental health is the least talked about and has the highest taboo surrounding it. Recovr helps to bridge this gap by providing education and tips on how to protect your mental wellbeing. Check out their twitter page where they will be releasing more details about their website launch – meanwhile sign up for more information here:  @Recovr

Sweeter than Pi
Many may find maths difficult, but not for Sweeter Than Pi. This black owned business is determined to empower young women by teaching maths using pop-culture and social media. Their aim is to combat the under-representation of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) industry and academia by starting from ground up. They also give advice and tips to girls who are interested in STEM but are at risk of losing confidence and mathematical ability. Check out their inspiring and (complex) Instagram pages that will keep you racking your brain for answers. Twitter & Instagram

Vitae London
Vitae London is a company that designs beautiful contemporary watches, but with a twist. As part of their ethos, they work with several charities in Africa to support young people with school attendance; Vitae London donates the proceeds of each watch sold from their classic collection to help these charities supply the youths with uniforms, bags and footwear to see them through the year. Find out about their amazing work and beautiful watches here:  @VitaeLondon




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