Hip-Hop Artist Amkoullel, one of the major Malian musical artistes who contributed to the “Voices United for Mali” release, “Mali-ko/Peace” talked to the RAS about why he got involved, and what he and other artists hope to achieve. 

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What brought about this musical collaboration?
Love, love, love ! love i”ve got for Mali, for peace, for Fatoumata Diawara and all the big familly of artists

Generally, what has been the artists’ response to the situation in Mali?
Peace messages through their art and participation in collecting donations to send to the people of North

Since the crisis started, how has life in Bamako changed?
Life has become more expensive. People are living with a kind of fatalism, but with the support of France and other countries, a new breath of hope is being felt in Mali

What role can artists play in bringing about positive change? Are you involved in any specific projects with grass-roots or civil society organisations to this end?
Artists can give hope and strength to people and so help them to stay human. I am very active through my music and with the association “Plus jamais ça !” Never again !

What hopes do you have for the future of Mali?
Mali is a young democracy. We have so much to learn to understand how to use it for the benefit of all the children of the country, and i stay convinced that education is the main key !

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