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Story of the Week

Nigeria, Politics 
Does Buhari’s Wife Belong in the Kitchen? 

There was immediate criticism for the president’s thoughts on the role of women.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to criticism from his wife by saying she belongs in his kitchen.

On a visit to Germany, he said: “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

Mr Buhari was standing next to Chancellor Angela Merkel, who seemed to glare at him.

Aisha Buhari had said she might not back her husband at the next election unless he got a grip on his government.

Responding to questions by reporters, Mr Buhari said that having run for president three times and having succeeded at the fourth attempt, he could “claim superior knowledge over her”

In an interview with the BBC’s Hausa language service, Mrs Buhari, a businesswoman and activist, suggested her husband’s government had been hijacked by only a “few people”, who were behind presidential appointments.

Her decision to go public with her concerns will shock many people, but it shows the level of discontent with the president’s leadership, says the BBC’s Naziru Mikailu in the capital, Abuja.

The president’s remarks on the kitchen and “the other room” have been met with outrage on social media.

Some are wondering what Mr Buhari meant by “the other room”, others have been posting pictures of a variety of bedrooms, and the hashtag #TheOtherRoom is trending in Nigeria.

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Human of the Week

US, Music and Poetry

Saul Williamssaulwilliams-npr-2016-5204-r_wide-4c196ded0344849d963745a65f30b6af3588262d

This week we feature Saul Williams,  a man of many talents. A poet, writer and actor, he is undoubtedly an extremely gifted person. He realized very early in life that performing arts was his calling and so he fine-turned his education accordingly. He came to be noticed first as a poet, and then went on to act in movies. He collaborated with many popular hip-hop musicians, writing lyrics for their albums and accompanying them on tours. Soon, he was making his own music. The lyrics of his music were based on poetry written by him. Thus, he was able to bring about a union of two art forms never attempted before. His works are thought provoking and deal specifically with the life of African-Americans. Watch his recent Tiny Desk performance below. He blew us away. Saul has been trailblazing innovative and thought provoking music for almost 20 years. He definitely deserves to be our human of the week!

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Film of the Week

Those Who Jump

We’re so excited as Film Africa approaches. The film schedule is now available on the Film Africa so grab your tickets fast for some of the best independent films from African directors and actors. This week we feature Les Sauteurs (Those Who Jump).

“I exist because I film” – Abou Bakar Sidibé (Director)

A refugee from Mali trying to scale the guarded walls around the Spanish enclave of Melilla is given a camera to record his story in this seminal film on the complexities of modern migration. After 14 months living in the foothills near the border, Abou Bakar Sidibé starts filming, capturing the heartbreak, humour and boredom of camp life as he and hundreds of other refugees await the next futile, and often dangerous, ‘jump’. His footage humanises an increasingly common story, acting as a mouthpiece for African migrants living on the fringes of existence and on the sidelines of a Europe in  lock-down.

Fri 4 Nov | 18:30 | ICABOOK NOW Dir. Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibé

Denmark. 2016. 80 min. French, Bambara with English subtitles. N/C 15+

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Start Up of the Week


We love sharing news on the latest successful start up across Africa. This week we are featuring Aryodi Bee Farm.  It trains beekeepers in modern beekeeping, which is less environmentally harmful than traditional practices and up to three times more profitable. After the upfront investment, beekeeping is low-cost and high-production, allowing farmers to earn a sustainable living wage.

“Using beekeeping and honey production to increase Ugandan smallholder incomes”

To increase their impact, Aryodi also includes mentoring, entrepreneurship development and business skills training. With over 1,850 farmers trained, and 45 percent of these farmers now earning their living from honey production, Aryodi is on it’s way to transforming the beekeeping industry in Uganda, where 80 percent of the population are low-income subsistence farmers.

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Book of the Week (In partnership with AFREADA, Africa’s Literary Magazine

Literature, Nigeria 

Everything Good Must Come

It is 1971, and Nigeria is under military rule, though the politics of the state matter less than those of her home to Enitan Taiwo, an eleven-year-old girl tired of waiting for school to start. Will her mother, who has become deeply religious since the death of Enitan’s brother, allow her friendship with the new girl next door Sheri Bakare? This novel charts the fate of these two Nigerian girls, one who is prepared to manipulate the traditional system and one who attempts to defy it.

The Reviews

A beautifully paced stroll in the shoes of a woman growing up in a country struggling to find its post-independence identity…Everything Good Will Come depicts the struggles women face in a conservative society. This is convincing; more remarkable is what the novel has to say about the need to speak out when all around is falling apart.” – Times Literary Supplement, UK

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Track of the Week

Nigeria, Music

Narstie and Atumpman

We love with afrobeats come together with UK rap. This week we are sharing a new release from afrobeats King Atumpman and UK rap star BIG Narstie. The song has a catchy, fun vibe to it. Headphones please.

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