WOA give you a list of three things you could do for everyday of the working week. There’s no need for you to suffer the Monday Blues: An evening meal at a restaurant you’ve never been to; tickets to the latest shows; or a podcast candidly exploring topical affairs will help you get through your nine-to-five. Read on to find out what we suggest for you to do today.

Exhibition – Believing is Seeing

imageDark Sugars Cocoa House are hosting Carleen De Sözer’s first solo exhibition called “Believing is Seeing” which will showcase her airbrushed pieces on canvas, prints and the aerosol work in the back yard. 

For nearly two decades Carleen De Sözer has been flexing her art skills across all platforms ranging from music, fashion, street and body art. Carleen has found a niche on the street art scene depicting highly appealing Afrocentric pieces of work, showcasing modern day life in London from a black female travellers perspective. She has done an impressive job creating her own lane, transforming our back yard into a space fully loaded with her own brand of street art.

Believing Is Seeing
15th – 30th Sept
Dark Sugars Cocoa House
124 – 126 Brick Lane
E1 6RU
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Explore/ Play – Maliyo Games

maliyo-gamesMaliyo Games is Nigeria’s first online gaming company and is dedicated to “sharing the experiences of the everyday African with the world through interactive multimedia content.” The name “Maliyo” is inspired by the concept of moonlight stories and games in Hausa, a commonly spoken language in Northern Nigeria. Maliyo Games are relatable, engaging, and locally relevant, not to mention extremely popular.

Maliyo Games

Read – Building A Just Society With African Prisons Project 

Inmates-attending-a-Functional-Adult-Literacy-class-at-Gulu-Main-PrisonThe African Prisons Project (APP) is a noble effort to improve access to healthcare, education, and justice in communities across the continent. Founded in 2004, APP believes in prisons for catalysts for change, and builds sustainable interventions that actively engage prisoners to challenge injustice and empower local governments to implement sustainable change.

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