In a new work for the Project Galleries, London-based artist Samson Kambalu (b. 1975) draws inspiration from early cinema and watching films as a child in Malawi. Flickering images, appropriated footage, improvised projections, unexpected power cuts and a lively audience made every screening a joyful live event, one that also made visible the mechanics of film.

Turning the gallery into a magazine spread, Kambalu projects his black and white films of visual slapstick alongside his writings. Influenced by Situationism and psychogeography, as well as by the Gule Wamkulu rituals practiced among the Chewa people, Kambalu embraces the subversive potential of non-productive time, gift economies and play.


Event Time & Date: 23/08/2016 – 08/01/2017

Venue details : The Whitechapel Gallery | 77-82 Whitechapel High St | London E1 7QX

Organiser: The Whitechapel Gallery | | +44 (0)20 7522 7888

Event website: Samson Kambalu: Introduction to Nyau Cinema

Event cost: Free

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