The Missing Chapter is a three-year research project led by Autograph ABP with the mission to augment the photographic narratives of migration and cultural diversity in relation to Britain’s past, and disseminate a visual heritage that is fragmented and dislocated.

In partnership with cultural institutions and other collaborators, The Missing Chapter initiates new research around public and private collections to identify, contextualise and showcase a dedicated portfolio of photography dating back to the mid 1800s. Our research implicitly traces 19th century photographic developments in relation to socio-cultural and visual accounts of the black and South Asian presence in Great Britain up until 1945.

‘Animating the past to imagine the future’ is a concept and commitment that shapes the different programme strands of The Missing Chapter. The project aims to bring the photographic archive out of the gallery/museum context and into direct engagement with different communities of interest, inspiring interactivity around historical content for a diverse and intergenerational audience, via participatory activities, innovative public displays, and a range of educational resources.

The Missing Chapter is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. In partnership with Autograph ABP, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre welcomes The Missing Chapter to Tottenham.

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Event Date: 03/10/2016 – 31/10/2016

Venue details: Bernie Grant Arts Centre Town Hall Approach Road Tottenham Green | London, N15 4RX

Organisers: Bernie Grant Arts Centre

Event website: The Missing Chapter: Black Chronicles

Event cost: Free

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