Igbo Cultural Support Network (ICSN) UK is a thriving African youth network open to all that was set up in 1998 to promote Igbo culture and heritage in the UK. The network are raising money for Bishop Shanahan Hospital in Nsukka, Enugu state, where victims were treated after the devastating Fulani herdsmen massacre in April earlier this year.

The group hope to raise enough money to help rebuilt the lives of many from the Nimbo community, Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State.

On Saturday, 23rd July they held an Olympics Sports Day – all profits raised on the day came to a total of £430 and will be going towards the cause.

The group are appealing for more assistance and help to reach their goal of £5,000 through a charitable GoFundMe page. Every and any support is welcome as part of the fund-raising effort over the next 21 days!

Why not do something for the cause?
• Auction: Why not auction off your unused items through eBay and donate a percentage of funds raised?
• Bake Off! Get your friends, colleagues, church or social group to buy cakes, pies and biscuits you bake.
• Coin Collections: Exchange your pennies and give them away for charity

  • Do a local car wash in your area
  • Get sponsored to go without something. Give up speaking for a day, computer games for a week, chocolate for a fortnight!
    • Do a Hula Hoop Contest – see how long you can twerk with a hula hoop!
    • Jumble/ Car boot sales – the perfect opportunity to turn your trash into cash for a good cause!
    • Get fit! Walk 210,000 steps over 21 days and go green for 21 days by ditching the car and cycling to work.

Kenneth Chike Obiakpani – ICSN Network Director told Royal African Society, “we feel it is our duty to reach out and support our brothers and sisters back home”. He added “In this life, we are all heroes and it has always been my belief that life will always present us with the opportunity to be a hero or someone that has the courage to stand up and help those who cannot help themselves”.

Over the years, ICSN has raised over £900 for mental health charity Amaudo UK, £650 for sickle cell sufferers and stroke survivors and £1,300 for AMURT UK.

ICSN continues to grow every year and has 6,000 members and followers online. It celebrates many successes, including; the annual New Yam Iriji Festival, a BEFFTA award-winning dance troupe and a language school.

Support the 21 day challenge, come along to an event or donate to the cause: https://www.gofundme.com/2fwrvwfg

For more information visit www.icsn.com

By Edel Meremikwu

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