Event Date and time: Thursday 6th July 2017 | 19:00 – 23:00 

Venue details: The Jazz Cafe | 5 Parkway,Camden | London NW1 7PG

Organisers: The Jazz Cafe | info@thejazzcafelondon.com

Event website: Innercity Griot – A Design of the Diaspora

Event cost: £15

Africa has, arguably, played the biggest part in music’s evolution. Had the African diaspora not existed, who knows whether the genres that have revolutionised and era defined would be blasting through our speakers today.

Inspired by the innovation and aspirational movement of British music over the past year, we take a closer look at this emergence and the fusion of genres that map our current musical landscape, microscoping on their African influence whether they are fully aware of it or not.

808INK is a musical duo straight from the south east of London. Consisting of 808Charmer & Mumblez Black Ink the producer / rapper collective merge together to create a sonic experience yet to be recreated. With 808 Charmer controlling production whilst gracing tracks with both raps and vocals, Mumblez primarily fronts this duo with raw and experimental rap techniques bringing a very organic vibe.

London based vocalist Afronaut Zu has been prolific within the British music scene, lending his vocal talents to a number of projects such as HiDef, Damien Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, and with neo-soul sensation KWABS.

Cisse Djamba are a collective of hand picked musicians from the UK African music scene lead by master percussionist Khalifa Conte performing music from their first album Dakar 2 London. More than a band/organisation this is a global conversation and a cross-cultural friendship overcoming borders and disadvantage to prove what levels can be achieved with raw rhythm and determination.

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