Event Date and time: Wednesday 25 January 2017 | 12.30–1.30pm

Venue details: Lee Kuan Yew Conference Room at Arundel House, 13-15 Arundel Street, Temple Place | London WC2R 3DX

Organisers: The International Institute for Strategic Studies |

Event website: How Kidnapping Funds Terrorism

Event cost: Free

Since 9/11, extremist groups have increasingly relied upon ransom payments as a source of income and there is considerable evidence to suggest that this revenue is being invested in people trafficking. Today this is a multibillion-dollar business that criminal and jihadist groups alike control and profit from. Worryingly, as the process of destabilisation of large regions of the developing world continues, trafficking of migrants is likely to surge yet further. This discussion will shed light on some of these dynamics and explore possible consequences for Europe, as well as recommend viable measures to address these challenges.

Dr Loretta Napoleoni is the author of, among others, Merchants of Men: How Kidnapping, Ransom and Trafficking Funds Terrorism and ISIS, The Islamist Phoenix: The Islamic State (ISIS) and the Redrawing of the Middle East, Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality, and Terror Incorporated: Tracing the Money Behind Global Terrorism. As chairperson of the counter-terrorism financing group for the Club de Madrid, Napoleoni brought heads of state from around the world together to create a new strategy for combating the financing of terror networks.

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