Event Date and time: Thursday, 9th November 2017 | 08:00 – 19:00

Venue details: Polana Serena Hotel | Avenida Julius Nyerere 1380 | Maputo, Mozambique

Organisers: The Financial Times | The Banker 

Event website: FT Mozambique Summit 2017 

Event cost: $1599

Reducing investment risk through better business practices

For investors looking for above-average potential now is the right time to evaluate Mozambique’s prospects.  The question however remains – can the region eclipse its current debt levels by realising the long awaited LNG wealth that the reserves promise?  So far an economic tipping point has yet to transpire as the country continues to face challenges of regional drought, falling investment levels, political instability and rising debt. However, the outlook is optimistic and for those willing to take bold steps and who are able to move quickly, there are long to medium term gains to be gained with a predicted growth of at least 5.5% in 2017 and beyond.

A clearer vision is needed on how to leverage the country’s resources in order to transform and diversify its economy.  Largely bypassed by previous industrial revolutions, Mozambique is in a strong position to reap the benefits of global investment and regional partnerships.

  • At such a dynamic time, what are the real opportunities that exist for international investors and businesses?
  • With a young and growing population, emerging resources and largely untapped markets, investors could provide the foundations for a country-wide renewal.
  • How will this be powered by technological innovations?
  • What can the country do to make it easier and more attractive for investors to collaborate and engage in trade deals?
  • Where are the key opportunities across energy, mining, banking, technology and tourism? How do you navigate business deals which are sensitive to culture and community needs?

Further to last year’s successful event which welcomed seven key Ministers from the country, the FT Mozambique Summit 2017  will again be hosting an exclusive summit which gathers the country’s political and leading local and international business leaders to debate a viable programme for accelerating the return to stronger growth and less risk. Join us to gain a clearer understanding on how to do better business in Mozambique.

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