Event Date and time: Thursday 8th June, 2017 | 11:30 – 12:15 

Venue details: Common Ground, Institute of Advanced Studies | Wilkins Building Gower Street | WC1E 6BT

Organisers: UCL Festival of Culture 

Event website: Dance Histories in Francophone West Africa  

Event cost: Free

Senegal and other parts of Francophone West Africa are known for their vibrant musical and dance scenes, and the region has produced some of the most successful artists in global performing circuits. But there is much more to this phenomenon than the existence of rich performing traditions in the region. This session will look at how the professional dance and music scenes in Francophone West Africa have emerged from the creativity and transnational activism of West African elites and youths from the 1930s onwards. It will also touch on the role of dance and music in anti-colonial movements in Senegal and Guinea, and later in postcolonial activism.

This session will be presented by Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, Lecturer in African Studies at UCL. She is an anthropologist with regional expertise in Francophone West Africa (mainly Senegal), and with broad interests in performance and popular culture, contemporary arts in Africa, transnational marriage and the relationship between migration and family practices.

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