Event Date: Saturday 12th November 2016 | 02:00PM –04:00PM

Venue details: The British Museum, Stevenson Lecture Theatre | Great Russell St, London | WC1B 3DG

Organisers: The British Museum | info@britishmuseum.org

Film Africa |

The Royal African Society |

Event website: Come Back, Africa (1959)

Event cost: Tickets £3 | Members/Concessions £2

A jarring exposé of a carefully concealed injustice, this film captures the haunting images of an oppressed but resilient people.

This classic game-changer of African cinema was filmed in secret in the black township of Sophiatown, using non-actors who were experiencing the dire consequences of South Africa’s apartheid system first hand. The result is a potent, authentic and powerful journey through the lives and times of the film’s subjects.

Presented in collaboration with Film Africa, the Royal African Society’s annual film festival.

Director: Lionel Rogosin
South Africa, 95 mins, Cert. 15

‘A heroic film… a film of terrible beauty, of the ongoing life it captured and of the spirit embodied by Rogosin and his fellow artists.’ Martin Scorsese

‘A timely and remarkable piece of cinema.’ Time Magazine ‘The sound of the beating of the consciousness of a waking Africa.’ Jonas Mekas, Village Voice

Age: 15+

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