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WAKAA! The Musical | July 21 – July 25

Wakaa! The Musical is a play about the trials, successes and experiences of graduates with varied backgrounds, a wager between them after graduation has a twist...

Bangles | August 30 – September 3

“Bangles” tells the impactful story of Theresa, a young British born Nigerian film maker, still haunted by memories of her abusive, now deceased father. Despit...

Listings Editor

Abel Kemal Endashaw is the Listings Editor for What’s On Africa. He holds a Masters in Development Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden and a BA in Public Administration and Development Management from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He is currently reading MSc in Migration, Mobility and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Abel speaks Amharic and tweets at @MeetAbel.