Known for his large-scale textile installations, Abdoulaye Konaté’s first exhibition in our London gallery will feature all new works, which continue his exploration of formal colour composition. Inspired by the hues found in rocks and minerals, abstract works with subtle gradations of colour and embroidered accents predominate.

Konaté’s vivid, thought-provoking installations have their roots in his Malian homeland. The materials he uses, woven and dyed cotton, are integral to the country’s culture and by extension, to his practice.  ‘I use textiles in the same way other artists use paint, steel or marble – it is my colour palette and medium for artistic expression.’

Konaté was recently featured as part of Bloomberg TV’s ‘Brilliant Ideas’ series, which looks at the most exciting and acclaimed contemporary artists at work today. You can see him discussing his artistic process, the music and cultural heritage that inspires him and more here.

Abdoulaye Konaté 2            Abdoulaye Konaté 3

Event Time & Date: 02/09/2016 – 24/09/2016

Venue details: BlainSouthern | 4 Hanover Square | London W1S 1BP

Organiser: BlainSouthern | | +44(0) 20 7493 4492

Event website: Abdoulaye Konaté | SYMPHONIE EN COULEUR

Event cost: Free

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